Nibbles and Bits
The Care and Feeding of My Pet Arduino


'My Dog Has Fleas' - A Binary Music Machine
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Section 1 - Finding a Speaker
After experimenting with several Arduino projects, I was ready to try something with sound. I searched eBay for a suitable speaker. I researched piezo devices and was pretty much confused by all the choices. One vendor included a link to a manufacturer's product line which listed dozens of miniature speakers and their recommended uses. One item caught my eye. It was a tiny speaker used in telephone handsets.

I realized right away that I had a junk box with several old telephones that were long ago replaced by newer cord less models. I decided to hack my way into one of the handsets to see what I might find inside.

Old Telephone Handset
I removed a screw and forced my way into the case. Good news! Hiding under a metal strap was a speaker with two wires attached.

I removed a few more parts, clipped the wires and the treasure was free to come out. I had my speaker and it didn't cost me a thing!

I could hardly wait to give it a try. Come on, boy. It's time to teach Arduino to 'speak.'

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Pirating a Speaker