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The Care and Feeding of My Pet Arduino


'My Dog Has Fleas' - A Binary Music Machine
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Section 6 - Hooking up Arduino
This part always goes quicker. Here is a close up shot of the power side of Arduino's board. The red and black leads are coming from the two busses on the breadboard. Of course, hook the red jumper to 5v and the black to ground.

The white lead is coming from our mini speaker. You will soon see that it only connects to Arduino. Conveniently, there are two ground jacks located here. So connect one side of the speaker to ground, next to the black lead.

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Notice the order the buttons above are numbered. The colored dots match the colored leads shown on the right connecting to Arduino's digital jacks:  4→7  3→6  2→5   1→4 

The white jumper, connected to Arduino's pin 11, is the second lead coming from our mini-speaker.

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That completes the hardware part of this project. This last image shows it all hooked up. In the next section we will write our first music sketch and teach Arduino some new tricks!

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