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Morse Code Oscillator

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Section 3 - Hooking Up Arduino
We have hooked the yellow and black leads from the breadboard busses to 5v and ground on Arduino. One of the white leads from our speaker is hooked to the second ground jack right next to them.

The blue lead which taps between the key and the pull down resistor on our breadboard is brought into Arduino's analog pin A0. However, we will be declaring it as a digital input in the script. We have placed it over here to make room for all the digital pins we will need later when we hook up an 8x8 LED display.

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The second speaker wire is hooked up on the other side of Arduino at pin 11. For now it is the only lead on that side of our board.

That completes the hook up. In the next section, we will go over a short sketch and start sending code.

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