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Teaching Arduino to Copy Morse Code

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Section 1 - Introduction
This project is a little more challenging than others that you will find in our Arduino Library. Our goal is to teach Arduino to copy Morse Code. We will use the same hardware setup that we created in the Morse Code Oscillator project.

To copy Morse Code we are going to manipulate each of the binary digits (bits) in a binary number. We will make use of a great function that lets us shift bits sideways, changing the value of the number instantly. We will talk about bit streams and we will work with character arrays.

Our final product will be a sketch that can actually copy the code that you send with your key. And it will automatically adjust itself to your sending speed.

We are going to start with our simple Morse Code Oscillator. If you don't have it wired up or need the sketch, click the link in this paragraph and put it together. It is a quick project and we will see you right back here soon.

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